An update

Hi everyone,


I have some news about the book. First off, I apologize for taking my time with this announcement. The short version is, as you might have noticed, that the book’s release date has been pushed back to 2017. The book is coming along really well, however I needed more time to do some major re-writing.

Politics and the American presidential election played a huge role in the first version of this book but after the craziness of 2016 I realized that we could all desperately use a clean break from all that mess. And honestly, it stopped being fun to write. Choosing to go down a different route meant that I had to re-write practically the whole book. However, I don’t regret doing so since the new premise is interesting, fun and just f*cking cool. (If you don’t mind me saying that myself.) I will try my hardest to publish a novel that you will enjoy reading, and I thank you for your interest and your patience.


I’m not sure – but I think I might have a sex scene problem



As in I have far too many!

The ones that can be seen in the picture above are JUST the unallocated ones. One or two (Or three. Wait does oral count?  Ok fine, five then.) can be found in the blue folders.

The crazy thing is that I love every single one of them (wink), but alas, I have to cut some out otherwise there’d be no room for character development or you know, a plot! Lol.

However, it pains me to waste a good sex scene so I’m saving them for the next book or a free short story.

Darn sex crazed characters.



The first draft of anything is sh*t – Ernest Hemingway

img_4590New bimonthly feature on my blog, aptly titled: “The first draft of anything is sh*t”, where I will share an excerpt, a teaser or the first draft of something I’m working on. Caution:  Unedited / unproofed so be gentle, lol. 

The door slammed shut behind him and she watched as he turned the lock. He faced her then. Jourdan looked him straight in the eye, an eyebrow raised, silently daring him to push her one more time. But Bryan didn’t say anything. Instead he took off his tuxedo jacket and threw it over the arm of her office couch. And then, as she looked on, mystified, he casually glanced at the watch on his thick wrist before proceeding to roll up the sleeves of his crisp white shirt, all the way up to his elbows. He was angry, she could tell. And he was hard, she could tell that too..