I’m not sure – but I think I might have a sex scene problem



As in I have far too many!

The ones that can be seen in the picture above are JUST the unallocated ones. One or two (Or three. Wait does oral count?  Ok fine, five then.) can be found in the blue folders.

The crazy thing is that I love every single one of them (wink), but alas, I have to cut some out otherwise there’d be no room for character development or you know, a plot! Lol.

However, it pains me to waste a good sex scene so I’m saving them for the next book or a free short story.

Darn sex crazed characters.



3 thoughts on “I’m not sure – but I think I might have a sex scene problem

  1. I’m sure you’ll figure something out, at least you have material ready for your next book, you can build it around the scenes you have, or maybe do 2 versions of this book, one with all the extra sex scenes 😉


  2. I usually have the opposite problem! I try to see if I can fit another sex scene in. :p

    I like Alex’s idea of having an ‘”extended” edition’ (pun intended!). But a free short/deleted scene/use it in another time or place sounds good, too!

    Good luck with your decision!


  3. I know what you mean, I have the same problem with my current WIP! A bit too much steam. Too often, too long, too much; the readers might get a hangover from it. I don’t know what the characters were thinking because I totally had nothing to do with it… *cough*

    I think moving some of that hot material to a different book might work. Or, alternately, you could offer “deleted scenes” as a bait to your newsletter. 😉


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